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Search Engine Marketing SEM
To Pay or
Not to Pay

SEM is a quick and highly targeted way to direct traffic to your site. But it is extremely important to understand exactly how to navigate this strategy as it can get costly fast.

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Search Engine Marketing SEO
It’s a Whole New
Ball Game

Everyone is doing SEO, but is everyone doing it right…We know SEO & we can help you optimize your sight to its utmost potential, guaranteeing you’ll get found.

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Social Media Marketing
It’s not just about having a Facebook Page!

Your business needs to take the social media world by storm, but you need to do this in the right ways. We are there to guide you through all of the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram mazes.

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Online PR
Being Able to Tell Your Story the Right Way

Not to be overlooked, Online PR is an essential digital marketing tool that you most certainly want to have in your arsenal. We know how to get your news out there quickly and efficiently.

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SEM Search Engine Marketing

To Pay or Not to Pay

Obviously we all strive for organic methods that will enrich our site, draw visitors in and ultimately convert these visitors to customers. Being optimized is the name of the game. SEO is king…or is it? Sometimes SEO can use a little help, a bit of a boost. Over the course of time, SEO strategies will certainly come to dominate a fair share of your marketing plan. However, as a business just starting out, you want to get noticed quickly. You want users to start streaming in at once. SEO based marketing takes a while. Whereas SEM produces result much faster, and, as has often been seen, with higher conversion rates. So what exactly is SEM…Search Engine Marketing is quite simply the strategy in which you pay for targeted ads to be “pulled” from major search engines such as Google or Bing. Often referred to as Cost- Per-Click (CPC) or Pay-Per- Click (PPC), this type of marketing can get costly, so it is absolutely important that you work with a team who understands exactly how to maximize the benefits of SEM.

Fast & Furious Marketing

Visitors will be searching for a specific product, possibly in a specific location, your ad, written and placed correctly, will then show up as a result of these types of searches. Based largely upon keyword strategies, with SEM you get charged a certain amount every time someone clicks on one of your ads. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the ads are doing precisely what they are supposed to do: converting users to customers. But how do you know if your ads are functioning correctly, if they are bringing visitors to your site, and consequently, if they are bringing the right visitors to your site. Having people browse through your platform is great, but when it costs you money each and every time, you want to ensure that you are getting the highest quality visitors possible, those who are poised to buy from you or contact you. This is where understanding analytics comes into play. We are here to do the research for you. Remember SEM is a highly targeted, fast marketing strategy, which means you need to be constantly monitoring its effectiveness, testing different versions of your ads to see which get more clicks, changing and mapping out new keywords, adjusting bids accordingly. SEM is certainly a very powerful marketing tool, and we are there to guide you and work with you on optimizing SEM strategies so that you are not spending tons of dollars on an effort that isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.


It’s a Whole New Ball Game

SEO has come a long way over the course of even just the past five years. Once a specialty that few had mastered, now it is a necessity that every company must practice—and, if you want to get noticed, you need to practice it well. The problem is SEO strategies can be so expansive and so involved, that many start to panic as they work through their company’s online presence to ensure best SEO practices. This is what we do…let me rephrase, this is all we do. We work with you and for you making sure that your digital footprint is optimized and gets you the maximum exposure possible. Our experts have spent years perfecting SEO techniques and strategies and our goal is to invest that experience in helping you grow your business. So how in the world do you go about establishing solid and productive SEO for your company’s site…A very good question, with many many different answers.

Meta Tags, Keywords, and Backlinks oh my…

SEO is clearly about strategy, but identifying the most useful strategies is key. And so we start with that key…keywords that is. Understanding your market and having brand awareness will enable you to identify those keywords that most closely pertain to your niche. Analytics plays a huge role in helping to pinpoint the keywords that are most commonly used in a search that will hopefully bring your site up, at the forefront of the search engine list. Know your audience and know their search patterns. What is a Meta Tag anyway…In a nutshell, it is how your site is tagged, and by tagging this simply means that relevant keyword based indicators are appropriately attached to your site. Google searches these meta descriptions and title tags determining whether or not your site is a fit for a searched-for keyword. Therefore, it is definitely important to tag your site effectively so as not to be overlooked by the all- powerful Google. The more connections you have to your website the better. Remember SEO is about exposure, it is about establishing a significant online presence. And when outside sites offer links back into yours, this certainly goes toward creating yet another substantial line that search engines can follow. Our goal is simple: we want to make sure that your site is capitalizing on every possible avenue, every available channel and all of the best practices so that you are not only optimized to the max, but you’re positioning yourself to expand your business by leaps and bounds.

Social Media Marketing

It’s not just about having a Facebook Page!

The word social media and Facebook tend to be synonymous. And with good cause, as the roots of the social media marketing movement really began with this online giant. However, many companies will establish a business FB page and call it a day. What they fail to see is that to be successful and really thrive in the social media arena, your strategy truly has to be all-encompassing, and it has to be implemented with a strong and well-thought out plan behind it. One of the best things you can do in an effort to create a solid social media platform is to first check out your competitors. What channels are they using, what type of ads are they displaying, and how is their public relations performing on these social venues…After all, you are positioning yourself in direct competition with these businesses. We understand how to help you utilize social media to create a buzz around your brand. And we also know how to give you an edge up on the competition.

Which channels will work for you?

In direct contrast to the one-and- done FB page devotees, some companies will go crazy and create accounts on all channels. And while, having an expansive social presence isn’t a bad idea, relevance is also something to take into consideration. For instance, if you have nothing at all to do with building, remodeling or design, then Houzz might not be the most appropriate choice for you. Whereas sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are more broad-minded and are definitely good calls for establishing a social media identity for your company. This is where we come into play, assisting you in pinpointing and creating the most relevant and energetic accounts possible. In terms of what types of things a business should post, this can be a tough one. You’ve already said a great deal of what you need to say (if you’re doing it correctly) on your site and in your blog posts, so what is left to disperse across the social media universe…You need to offer your followers content and posts that bring them some value. And it doesn’t strictly have to be content based; infographics, videos and other forms of outside the box posts are always crowd pleasers. Curated content is another great way in which you might utilize your social media platforms. The social media marketing world can be daunting. This is why you need an experienced and highly skilled guide to take you by the hand and walk you through it. We are there to show you the steps to take as you create and productively maintain business accounts on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat…you get the picture.

Online PR

Being Able to Tell Your Story the Right Way

How is Online PR different from let’s say, SEO or Social Media Marketing…While all of these things are certainly very closely related, they function in ways different enough so that you need to integrate all such strategies into one comprehensive digital marketing campaign. This is what we do best—taking into consideration the relevant online strategies available and customizing a plan for your company. Generating effective and result-driven online PR is a practice that should never be overlooked. So what is it exactly…Online PR tends to be overshadowed by the other trending marketing words, like SEM or SEO, and yet it can be just as productive in terms of driving visitors to your site and generating overall brand awareness. Back in the stone ages, prior to the advent of the internet (and yes, gasp, there was such a period) Public Relations companies worked with businesses to generate positive press via newspapers, magazines, television stories. Online PR represents this exact same concept, just translated to suit a digital world. Perhaps one of the biggest venues for establishing positive press and spreading news about your company is social media. And yet, divergent from social media marketing, you’re not necessarily advertising or selling, rather you’re conveying a story, a story that reveals something significant about the business. It should be a “story” that’s powerful enough to share and spread. And again, this is where we come in. We understand placement, we know how to get news out there quickly and efficiently. Press releases, well-crafted blog posts (particularly guest posts) and podcasts are all excellent strategies when it comes to building an effective PR base.

Circumvent the Haters

We’ve all experienced negative reviews, or people who flat out trash us and/or our business online. Reputation management is a huge part of Online PR. The internet is a massive platform to which virtually anyone has access. The point of managing a company’s reputation is not to silence the detractors but rather monitor a situation before it spirals out of control. And also, of course to be able to internally asses your own services in reaction to any negative publicity. We can help you set up a comprehensive system that enables you to keep track of much of the commentary written on your company. We will offer you effective responses and make sure you maintain a quality reputation.

About us

With years of digital marketing experience under our belt, we understand how to navigate the often complex and sometimes overwhelming online world. There is no question that if you want to have a successful business in this day and age, you have to have established a successful digital footprint. And this is precisely what we do: work hand in hand with you to create a comprehensive, thoughtful, well- exposed online presence. From SEO to Online PR, we are marketing experts who are poised to help your business grow. Working as a team, we’re motivated to craft the most dynamic digital campaigns possible for our clients.

Based in Manchester and working with companies extending throughout the surrounding areas, we create partnerships that enable both startups and established businesses to thrive in a very technological world. The key is to never stop learning, never stop trying to understand the new and the different. After all, that is how just about everything functions in this digital age-- always evolving and changing. We consistently strive to keep on top of the latest trends and technologies. And we bring all that we learn to every single project we undertake.

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